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Facilities management

Tascor can deliver all of your facilities management needs

At Tascor we take a partnership approach to delivering our facilities management, maintenance, transport and custody solutions. The customer is at the centre of everything we do. From initial discussions and throughout the contract we maintain our focus on delivering excellent service to our clients.

With a safety first approach to delivering our services, we are proud to say we have an enviable safety record and have been awarded the RoSPA Gold Medal for our safety management.

Our dedicated teams have many years experience delivering facilities management and maintenance services, in highly secure sites working in some of the most operationally demanding environments in the country.

As part of Capita PLC we have the backing of one of the UK’s largest companies, providing a multitude of services across many industry sectors. Secure in the knowledge of the support of our parent company our team at Tascor can ensure we deliver our services to a very high standard.

At Tascor we do our business so that you can get on with doing yours.

Our Escort and Detention business can be found at www.tedsl.co.uk

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