What our clients say

We have selected a number of testimonials received from our Clients that endorse the quality of service we provide.

TASCOR continue to provide an excellent service, specifically throughout the bad weather in March and with the transfer of all the new crates and mailbags to Northern region to facilitate our new production process.

Pamela Beresford MBA |HEAD OF ADMIN |SPA Forensic Services

I was the Norfolk Constabulary Force duty officer and found myself at the Kings Lynn police investigation centre undertaking duties. On my arrival I found myself thinking about just how clean and tidy the PIC was. I was genuinely impressed as to how noticeable that was. As such I found myself making specific comment about it to the staff on duty at the time. During those comments I learnt that you have some slight temporary staffing level challenges ( as we all do from time to time) and that your full time cleaner Lorraine Bellingham had stepped into the breach to pick up the extra work. Clearly a credit to you, herself and the company. Please pass on my observations and thanks for a job well done.

Nick Davison |Chief Superintendent |Norfolk Constabulary

I wanted to place on record my thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for your commitment to duty during last month's adverse weather conditions. Your hard work and dedication ensured that day-to-day operational services were retained and caretaking staff and drivers could keep access routes clear thus delivering site safety for operational staff. I understand that one member of the catering sub-contractor staff walked a considerable distance in order to provide catering facilities during this time. 

Thanks again for your commitment which is greatly appreciated

Mark Gilmartin | Essex & Kent Police |  Director of Support Services

On behalf of the Authority would you please thank all Tascor staff members who, notwithstanding the weather conditions of last week, still managed to get to work and assist in keeping Kent Police operational within the North Kent area. 

Their efforts are really appreciated

Trevor R Hall | PFI Manager & Authority Representative Kent Police Headquarters

Just a short note to commend your team at the College for outstanding work last week supporting the power, plumbing and more generally the transfer of activity from the kitchen to a temporary unit and back again once the floor was laid. 

Superb team effort. I’ve spoken directly to Dave and a few of the team but wanted to recognise their efforts to you formally 

Simon Waterworth | Finance Director | The Fire Service College

Many thanks for your time today, this goes on record as being the quickest and most efficient audit I’ve completed.

99% compliant and the one issue we will get sorted by the end of March 2018.

Imagile Group – SPV for Sussex Police PFI

I just had to drop you an email to say how lovely and caring your team was that attended Aspen Unit last week to transfer a patient from our ward. Your team of Claire, Brian and Curtis showed great empathy, patience and understanding.  I just had to contact you as I sadly think all too often we only hear bad things/ complaints about staff and not compliments.

Maggie Mcneely - Aspen Unit, Callington Rd Hospital

I just wanted to bring to your attention Marcello Gonzalez who works in the PIC at the weekends.  He is very efficient & hard working.  I have never seen him sat down with a cup of tea/coffee, he is always busy.  Over this weekend the weather was very bad with ice & snow.  He gritted outside and did a fantastic job; in fact it was the best I had ever seen in three years of working at the PIC.  All the carparks, paths and road were completely clear.

Sgt 3465 Faulkner – Norfolk Constabulary

I  wanted to thank you for the quick response today in providing at very short notice a vehicle and driver to transport a Service User to Callington Road hospital, this enabled important treatment to go ahead.

Joanne Edwards

Team Manager  - South Gloucestershire  Later Life Therapies Team.

Just want to say a big thank you to Sean and Karen and the team for being so flexible and client centred today. If they had not been prepared to wait we would have had to re arrange at great expense and disruption to the client who was SO disabled by OCD that everything took so long.

This team are consistently kind and very professional

Christine Campbell - AMHP

AECOM considers the FM Contractor performing very well. The area managers are skilled technicians that ensure the facilities run well and all have good relationships with the facility users.

AECOM noted that the performance of the FM Contractor is very good and AECOM notes that this is being recognised at the facilities.

AECOM was pleased to hear positive comments on the performance of the FM Contractor and ProjectCo that reflected our assessments and observations on the Project.

We were thoroughly impressed with the standard of your buildings and systems. The fact Wymondham custody is seven years old but still looks brand new.  Of course as nice as that all was, the real stars were your staff. I can honestly say that every single person we had contact with was friendly and as helpful as they could be, going out of their way to assist us during our day with you.

"A massive thank you to you and the team for responding so quickly. You are all very much appreciated. I appreciate the fact that you never say no to the ever changing challenges I set you!"

"Can I just add, I couldn’t praise Tony enough for his willingness to help and his can do attitude, it was really refreshing given some of the obstructions I’ve recently come up against. If we had more Tony’s who knows what we could achieve."

“Thank you for the wonderful service that your staff provide.  As an AMHP, I have only ever had positive experiences of using your service to transport patients.  Today, the staff team were outstanding and handled a very difficult situation in a sensitive, caring and very professional manner."

"Lorraine Austin, Admin Supervisor at Aberdeen wanted it recorded that Stephen at Aberdeen is performing very well.  She confirmed that he is extremely helpful/flexible; makes suggestions for routes; is constantly aware of impact of road conditions/weather on his route."

"I was particularly impressed with the level of patience and kindness displayed by the crew towards the patient, who was particularly resistive in a very passive way.

Owing to the excellent people’s skills used by the crew, the whole matter was resolved peacefully and no force was necessary despite this being discussed by the crew as a potential necessity."

"I feel it is necessary to bring this continued exceptional quality of service to your attention and I, in particular,  thank the whole team on behalf of Legal Services for this valued service."

"John and his team are a real credit to Tascor and we are very grateful for their continued support. Please accept my thanks on behalf of the Constabulary for their efforts"

Ward 4 recently used your service (Monday 16th January 2017) on this day your colleagues assisted a member of our staff with escorting one of our patient to the RUH. The ward staff member reported that your colleagues were extremely helpful and supportive of our staff member and service user during times of distress for the patient.

We greatly appreciate your support, I hope this feedback is passed to your colleagues who were present on that day."

"I just wanted to thank the team who attended the assessment at Bath NHS House this afternoon to convey a patient to Cygnet Hospital, Weston-Super-Mare.

The response time for a very urgent situation was very good and the team were brilliant and managed to ensure a very volatile and unpredictable patient was escorted to the vehicle without need for any restraint.

Well done and thank you."

"Just emailing so that you can pass on my thanks to the D crew today. The team were particularly great today. We had to try to do the right thing for two high vulnerable older people and the team showed great compassion and professionalism.

The assessment and decision making did take us a long time but at no point were the crew inpatient or troubled by this.

They handled the transfer to the vehicle with great skill and I just wanted to say thanks from the AMHP service."

"Your team went above and beyond their duties.

I really cannot praise and thank the crew enough for their hard work, kindness and professionalism"

I have been Head of Custody for Norfolk and Suffolk for the past 18 months and throughout this time have found the service received from Tascor to be first class, both in relation to work conducted and the relationship with the management team alike.

We are regularly visited by external agencies, partners and other Police forces in relation to our custody facilities. The recurring comment that I get is that visitors cannot believe that our buildings are five years old, given the excellent condition that they are kept in. Given the challenging environment that we work in day to day, this is testament to the work that the Tascor teams conduct on behalf of the two constabularies.

Overall, each of the buildings appear to show a degree of respect / pride to the facilities and the finishes therein by both the FM Contractor staff, and the Authority / Tenant staff. 

The relationships between the FM Contractor’s staff and the Authority and Tenant Representative staff were noted as good and strong

It was noticeable that there were strong relationships between the parties and a willingness to work together in order to make the facilities and Project successful. There was no criticism offered and the Tenant’s Representative was complimentary of the FM Contractor. This should be considered a positive for the Project. 

AECOM has been informed that of the Availability Deductions withheld to date; none of these have been as a result of planned or unplanned Lifecycle works carried out in the operational years to date. This reflects the regular Lifecycle works carried out in the facilities and also an indication of well-maintained and managed operational facilities.