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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
To be recognised as a leader in the provision of technical services by creating value for our clients, delivering a responsive and flexible service whilst always delivering on our promises.

Our Strategy
People           Trained, empowered and motivated team members
Safety            Providing a safe environment for all our staff, stakeholders and users
Compliance   Ensuring all our customers comply with current regulations
Value             Combining best possible service at the lowest cost by adopting a combination of
                      traditional time based maintenance and predictive and business focussed maintenance

Our Values

 Social Value

In response to the Government's new Civil Society Strategy and the announcement that all Public Sector procurements will have to “explicitly evaluate Social Value” from now on, it comes as no surprise that Public Sector organisations are increasingly discussing and seeking suppliers to deliver Social Value as part of their contractual performance.  Whilst this all sounds very positive, the question we have to ask ourselves is, what is Social Value  and how do we measure it?  Some might think of Social Value as supporting local community groups, environmental projects or generating local employment opportunities, which Tascor are already actively engaged with across many of our contracts.  However, a wider definition might also include local wellbeing initiatives, including mental and physical health, addressing local accessibility issues  or improving local area security.   All of these appear to support Social Value but how does a supplier prioritise competing social values or even begin to measure the contribution made against them.  Whilst answers to these questions remain a work in progress we must keep Social Value at the forefront when assessing opportunities. For more information please visit http://www.socialvalueuk.org/

Social Value

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